New to ADHD or struggled in silence for years?

Then you’ve probably realized that society’s ​rules aren't made for you to win. You need to ​create your own game to succeed.

In this book, you’ll find 12 straightforward, no-​nonsense rules for life that will empower you to ​embrace your true self, silence the critics and ​your inner doubts, and live boldly as a woman ​with ADHD.

Pre-order 'ADHDSUPERWOMAN: 12 Rules to ​Live By' for just $12 (regular price $20)! Secure ​your digital copy now and receive the ebook ​upon release in August.

Hi! I’m Ingrid

I am thrilled to announce that I am currently in ​the process of writing "ADHDSUPERWOMAN: 12 ​Rules to Live By," a book designed specifically ​for women with ADHD who are tired of the ​bullsh*t conforms of society and want to live by ​their own rules.

As someone who has experienced the ​challenges of ADHD firsthand, I am pouring my ​heart and soul into crafting an empowering ​guide that celebrates our individuality

Your support means the world to me, which is ​why I'm offering you the opportunity to pre-​order your PDF copy today as I finalize the ​manuscript this summer. Your pre-order helps ​me gauge interest and ensures that I can deliver ​a book that meets your needs and exceeds your ​expectations.

Let's keep it real and end the stigma together.


Ingrid Heyerdahl

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This book is powered by coffee & ADHD

Pre-order your PDF copy for only $12

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